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Yellow anti-electrosmog silicon biomagnet with a range of mt. 4 ball and imprinted code, for all means of transport. The TRAVEL biomagnet, thanks to its programmed siliceous structure, is according to users an effective remedy for significantly reducing the potential disturbances caused by electrosmog generated by the simultaneous presence inside the means of transport of polluting equipment (GPS, mobile phones, computers, etc…).
Those who use TRAVEL on any type of motor vehicle (cars, trucks, boats, airplanes) most often declare that at the end of the trip they feel less tired and more relaxed and that the electrostatic shocks that normally occur are greatly reduced. warn when getting off the means of transport. TRAVEL also breaks down the clusters (lumps) present in the fuel, which are formed due to electrosmog, favoring a possible better combustion with consequent savings on consumption.

Its operating period is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years




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