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Anti-electrosmog biomagnet, to be used in the presence of instruments emanating artificial electrosmog, with a range of cm. 200 per ball.

Born and registered as a class 1 accessory medical device, as per Directive 93/42/EC, for small and medium-sized electro-medical equipment, according to those who already use it, it is equally valid for reducing any problems that arise when using all types of electrically powered tools that release artificial electrosmog (cell phones, cordless phones, video games, laptops and desktop computers, all types of household appliances, wi-fi routers, scanners, stereos, etc...).


Thanks to its notable range of action of cm. 200, it can be used in particular situations.
For example, if Focus has been positioned in a stable manner on the mobile phone and you work at a desk on which there are various sources of artificial electrosmog (computer, cordless phone, scanner, wi-fi router, fax, etc...) according to those who already uses it will be sufficient to place the mobile phone in such a way as to be well within the range of action of the biomagnet so that the disturbances caused by the use of the aforementioned equipment are significantly reduced.


If applied to the mobile phone, it significantly reduces overheating of the parietal area of the head where the device is placed.
It is recommended for everyone but in particular for those who continuously use the aforementioned tools.
It is an adhesive siliceous label that can be applied to any area of the appliance on which you intend to use it, keeping in mind its range of action which is cm. 200 per ball.

For correct application, carefully clean the area where you want to place Focus, then fix it by pressing on it.

In the event of accidental detachment, it can be reused by fixing it with normal quick-setting glue.
His period ofoperation is 5 years minimum guaranteed 




FOCUS (patch) for electrical and electronic instruments

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