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To be used in particular by wellness operators

Purity Pendant for TherapistThe biomagnet complies with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2001/95/EC of 3 December 2001 implemented with Legislative Decree 172 and subsequent and is produced with Italian technology.

Inside there are all the electromagnetic fields to contrast electrosmog released by our normal Purity with the addition of those relating to the meridians of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) present in our Humanus and those of our emotional energy rebalancer Global Emotion.

According to those who already use it, all this would serve to improve and consistently maintain their state of energetic rebalancing, but also to ensure that people who come within the range of action of the device are also free after just a few seconds. obtain the same rebalancing benefit which will be maintained for a long time even after they have definitively moved away from the sector of influence of PURITY FOR THERAPIST

The device has a range of action equal to 3 meters per ball, its operating period is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years

Purity Pendant for Therapist

€350.00 Regular Price
€345.00Sale Price
  • We invite you to read this specific testimony of blind tests, written by a well-known Kinesiologist as well as DBN trainer and researcher.

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