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L.A.M.® anti-electrosmog silicon biomagnet mod. ANTE SOMNUM pendant
The biomagnet complies with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2001/95/EC of 3 December 2001 implemented with Legislative Decree 172 and following and is produced with Italian technology.

ANTE SOMNUM pendant, for personal use, with engraved YIN and YANG initials and relative support chain, supplied with anti-RFID aluminum container which makes it non-functional if desired. It is a Silicon Biomagnet, which constantly acts on the person who uses it when it reaches less than cm. 10 from any point of his body, containing the electromagnetic energy rebalancing signals programmed to improve resistance to electrosmog, present in our other specific devices, to which others have been added to try to promote relaxation before sleep of those who use it. In order to avoid being induced to perhaps fall asleep, when you do not want this to happen, the ANTE SOMNUM should only be used if you intend to sleep but when you are not using it you must be careful to keep it well closed in the appropriate aluminum box, supplied, screwing and tightening the cover all the way down. This is because the aluminum box prevents the passage of radio frequencies, which would activate the passive RFID circuit present in the ANTE SOMNUM

If you don't want to keep it around your neck, you can put it in a pocket, for example in your pajamas, inserted into the zippered pocket of the elastic sponge wristband supplied with the device, or apply it to the body with a plaster where best is preferred, keeping in mind that the device is the only round pendant with the YIN and YANG symbol which is why it can be removed from the support necklace.

The use of the device helps to induce generalized relaxation in the pre-sleep phase resulting in more restorative sleep which means that when you wake up you feel more toned and mentally fresher than before.
Its operating period is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years



ANTE SOMNUM for personal use

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