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Products Quantum

Quantum Biophysics acts directly onmolecular structure of the body. It is widely believed that biological dynamics are entirely dominated by chemical mechanisms, by molecular events that follow one another in an orderly manner in time and space.

Thebiological molecules they act as tools of connection and your health vibrates in harmony with the quantum world.

MPetica is your trusted companion in the search for well-being that goes beyond the traditional, embracing the power of quantum science to improve your life.


TechnologyH.I.T. AndM.I.T.

M.I.T. Technology (Molecular Imprinting Technology) arises from the combined use of the most advancedtheories of quantum physics and ofnano-technologies last generation.

It allows you to transfer biologically active frequencies to living systems through the use of very low intensity electromagnetic fields.

Organic Basic Plus


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