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L.A.M.® anti-electrosmog silicon biomagnet mod. ANTE SOMNUMThe biomagnet complies with the Directive of the European Parliament and Council 2001/95/EC of 3 December 2001 implemented with Legislative Decree 172 and subsequent and is produced with Italian technology.

ANTE SOMNUM plate with the initials S, engraved on a golden pendant, and with relative anti-RFID aluminum container which makes it non-functional if desired

It is a Silicon Biomagnet, with a 3 meter radius of action all around,containing the electromagnetic energy rebalancing signals programmed to improve resistance to electrosmog, present in our other specific devices, to which others have been added to try to promote the pre-sleep relaxation of those who use it in the best possible way.

The range of action of the device, which is 3 meters all around, means that for this reason it acts on the entire volume of a normal double bed, wherever it is positioned, thus promoting the sleep of both spouses. Views Due to its small size, the device can easily be carried with you at all times but always keeping it tightly closed inside the aluminum box if you want it not to be active.


The use of the device induces generalized relaxation in the pre-asleep phase resulting in more restorative sleep which means that when you wake up you feel more toned and mentally fresher than before.

Its operating period is a minimum of 10 years guaranteed 



ANTE SOMNUM multiple use device for pre-sleep relaxation

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